COUPLES PLANNING 101:  How do I (we) spend my (our) money wisely?”  GREAT question!  It really is a simple process.  Like most projects, if you take it a piece at a time, it makes it seem less overwhelming. FIRST, remember, this is about the two of you.  This is your wedding day.  The fact is, the ceremony is about you.  The reception is about your guests.  And for everyone, it is a CELEBRATION! I encourage couples to start with two pieces of paper (each).  The first page is the CEREMONY.  The second page is the RECEPTION.  On the CEREMONY page, draw a line down the middle of the page.  Do the same with the RECEPTION page.  On the left, list everything that is important to YOU.  On the right, list everything that is important to you that your GUESTS will experience.   Examples being, the music, the décor, a unity ceremony, communion, readings, Minister, DJ, photo booth, Photographer, etc.  List these in “MUST HAVE” order.  After each of you have completed your pages, sit and compare. If, for your reception," dancing/great party" is at the top of the reception lists, then don’t hire your 16 year old nephew to push play on your IPOD.  Get a DJ or Band that will keep your dance floor full!   Spend your money on the things that are important to you!  Remember, this day should reflect who you are.  Make it personal, but remember to have fun! Happy Planning!