I wanted to reach out and let you know how much we appreciated all of your hard work to make our wedding day a success.  It was amazing and everyone commented on the venue and how beautiful everything was.  Thank you for answering all my questions during this stressful time and for all that you did to make this the best day ever!  Jaylee U. 3/2016 It was FABULOUS! He was surprised and all at the guests had such a fun time!  Many compliments on the food and the venue was perfect!  A wonderful evening!  Thanks so much for your help with the planning....we will definitely keep you in mind for any future events.  Carol G. 2/2015 I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for everything you have done for us here at Wyndham Nashville!  Over the past 7 months our guests and our staff have been completely impressed with you and your staff's hospitality.  I truly value as a vendor and I can't say enough our grateful I am to have you cater our events.  Melody P. 7/2014 Everything was great, I will be back next year.     John T.  IMCG - 2/2014 I wanted to thank you once again for all that you did to make the bridal shower such a success!  We could not have asked for a better place to celebrate this special time.       Sherry O.   4/2014 My friend attended a wedding & reception there recently and said it was great, Monica did a fantastic job of decorating and the food was very good.     Bonnie  N.   Daily's 4/2014 You always make me proud!    Shari A.  Del Webb  4/2014 I just wanted to send a thank you of the great job you guys did for our kick off event today.  Everything went so smoothly.  The staff was amazing and everyone was raving about how great the food was.  We appreciate everything that you do for us.  Please pass the kudos on to your staff because they were so professional.  I thought it was so cute because as the servers were getting the last of the food out, they smiled and hand bumped each other like they were saying "whew we made it", it  made me smile.    Shelly S. EWGA  4/2014 Everything was fabulous.  Claudia & her staff did a great job!  Michelle M.   DCA 8th grade graduation 5/2014 Thanks for all your help this past year.  I think the wedding was beautiful and best of all, fun.   Susan S. 6/2014          
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